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CARE Medical Equipment

Oxygen and Respiratory

Oxygen: (No oxygen can be dispensed without a prescription)

Oxygen Concentrator: Portable Oxygen:
Plugs into the wall - for use in hotel room. Needed for outside activities.
**Oxygen is provided if we have a prescription prior to delivery.

We can provide you an Oxygen Concentrator which plugs into a wall outlet; a portable "E" system (700 liters) or "D" system (400 liters); M6/B tanks (170 litres) and of course, additional portable tanks as needed.

Suction Machines:

Can either be plugged into a wall outlet or battery-powered if needed. AC/DC portable.


Nebulizers are used to administer "breathing treatments" according to instructions given by your physician. CARE does not need a prescription to rent the nebulizer compressor. However, the patient would have to provide the medications and must advise if patient requires a "mask" or a "mouth piece". For comfort of the patient, we suggest bringing your own tubing.

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