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CARE Medical Equipment

Bath & Commodes

Shower Chairs:

These are standard adjustable height chairs with back for use in shower.

Transfer Benches:

Useful for those unable to step over into a tub. Has 4 adjustable height legs, two of which sit outside the tub. The other 2 legs sit inside the tub and have a back and rail on that end of the bench. One would sit on the bench and then put legs over into the tub and slide over. Can be used with a wheelchair person needing to transfer.

Rolling Shower Chairs:

These are used to push a person into a "roll-in" or "barrier free" shower. They have a commode opening in the seat and are delivered with a pail. Also have a footplate.
Rifton Blue Wave pediatric shower chair.
A modular, versatile, practical bathing system that is height adjustable and usable in the tub or for a shower.
Rifton Blue Wave pediatric toileting system.
Rifton's Toileting System is practical, versatile and comfortable,The system can be used as a freestanding commode, over the toilet and as a shower chair.

Rolling Rehab Chairs:

These chairs have a thick padded seat with a commode opening and "horse shoe" cut out. Generally used for the more involved patient who is on a bowel regimen. They have 24" rear wheels should the patient be able to propel himself.

Bedside Commodes:

These are the standard 4 legged commodes generally used "bedside". They are delivered with a pail. The height is adjustable. Extra Wide and Drop Arm are also available.

Elevated Toilet Seats:

Can be used as a "bedside commode" but without a bar across the back. Usually just sit over the existing toilet for a higher seat. The legs are adjustable in height. These come with a splash guard for use over a toilet and some come with a pail for use elsewhere.

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